StoreSmart Operations


"Self-Storage software for and by self-storage people" 

What is StoreSmart Operations?

StoreSmart Operations is the only European self-storage software that has been created by people who have on-the-floor experience, both in self-storage stores and management teams


While creating this system, our constant focus was on how to create the software that we all wished we had when working in stores. We wanted software that was simple and intuitive to use, software that was easy to integrate with other systems, and software that would make the repetitive day-to-day work quicker.


That makes StoreSmart Operations nothing short of revolutionary. 

StoreSmart Features

StoreSmart Operations software

StoreSmart Operations is a cloud-based, modern system that has a Google-style search engine at its heart. Gone are the days where searching for customers or units takes so long that you end up making a cup of coffee for yourself in the process. Find what you are looking for instantly, and navigate easily between customers, units and functions


StoreSmart Operations is designed for multi-store use, and you can switch between stores from a drop-down menu, or simply open another tab in your web browser to view two (or more) stores simultaneously


We have stripped out all the unnecessary setup functionalities which aren’t used on a daily basis and put them in a different interface. As such, this is a system that looks and feels simple and intuitive, because it only has the functionalities that are relevant on a day-to-day basis. 

StoreSmart Integrations

StoreSmart Operations integrates easily with both email and phone systems so that you can handle all your customer contact from one place. It also comes with a built-in integration to the payment provider PaySafe, who specialise in medium-sized businesses. 


One of our favourite features is the multitasking that is possible within StoreSmart Operations. You know that situation when you are in the middle of counting inventory or doing a complex move in and someone pops through the door and just wants to buy a few boxes and leave? Well, so do we, and so should your software! That is why we created the possibility to multitask in the system so that you can do quick functions whilst not losing work on the tasks that take a bit longer.

StoreSmart Operations benefits

Curious about StoreSmart Operations? 

The beta version is being released in early 2018, and if you would like to see for yourself why we are so excited about launching this new piece of self-storage software, fill out your contact details below and we will set you up with a test user as soon as it’s available!

Donna Humphreys says:

“Apart from all the features and design of StoreSmart Operations, I think one of the biggest benefits of it is that it reduces the need for staff training. We’ve focused on what a store needs to run on a day-to-day basis, and from there designed something that is intuitive and easily understandable. As such, staff should be able to use the system with very little, or even no training because the software speaks for itself.”

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