"Management software with 20+ years experience" 

What is RentPlus?

Originally developed in the US, RentPlus is one of the classic software packages for the self-storage industry. Having been used in stores across the world for over two decades, it is a robust and stable system that handles all the day-to-day needs of a self-storage facility. 

From registering a prospect, to moving them in, invoicing and taking payments, and then eventually moving them out, RentPlus guides the user through these functionalities step by step.

The system includes all the functionalities of day-to-day store operations, along with the setup you need to customise your rental plans, discount plans, building information and more. For that reason, RentPlus has a very fine-grained permissions structure, so that you can determine which users should have access to what within the system. 

As the owner of the RentPlus code, HiTech is in a unique position to customise the system to the needs of our customers.


Several of our current clients have asked for adaptations to the process flow or functionality, in order for the system to fit exactly with their operational processes. This is something we can easily provide, since all the technical knowledge about the system sits within HiTech. 

Customise RentPlus

RentPlus benefits

Christel Friberg Land says:

“If StoreSmart Operations is the Ferrari of self-storage software, then RentPlus is the Volvo. I started using RentPlus when I was working at store level over 15 years ago, and even after I moved into the IT management of a major European storage operator, I always found the system could accommodate whatever new processes or reporting requirements we needed.” 

RentPlus comes with over 100 standard reports, and even has the functionality to generate your own reports, if any of the standard reports don’t provide you with the information you need.​


It can be run locally on your computer, but most of our customers prefer running it on a server by us because the performance is better and we can support and update RentPlus more easily. 

Reports & IT Environment

RentPlus self-storage software